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日時 2019年4月16日(火) 16:30~17:30
場所 稲盛財団記念館1F 京都賞ライブラリーセミナー室
講師 Allison Yamanashi-Leib先生(UC Berkeley)

タイトル 「Ensemble Perception」

In a brief glance, we experience a rich percept of our visual environment, but how do we form our first impression of high-level, abstract information? In this talk, I will discuss ensemble or “gist” perception, a visual mechanism that enables humans to extract an overall impression of the visual surroundings in 1 second or less. I will show that ensemble perception operates not only over lower-level image features (e.g. hue, shape, texture), but more importantly includes high-level information crucial to daily social interactions. Using gist processing, we can instantaneously assess the emotional tenor or family resemblance from a crowd of multi-oriented faces. Our research also shows that ensemble perception operates across the highest levels of visual perception—incorporating information previously thought to require conscious deliberation– such as the liveliness of a scene or the economic value of consumer products when displays are viewed for a split second. This talk discusses how ensemble codes are fundamental components of conscious visual perception, conferring precision unmatched by single-item analysis and effectively operating when other visual processes are impaired or otherwise engaged.