【2019年8月2日(金) 10:30〜12:00】
国立台湾大学 Bo-Cheng Kuo准教授 講演



この分野の世界的権威の一人、Oxford大学のKia Noble教授と共同研究を続けています。





日時:2019年8月2日(金) 10:30〜12:00
講演者:Bo-Cheng Kuo准教授(国立台湾大学)




The influences of stimulus properties on visual search and face/word recognition

Bo-Cheng Kuo

Department of Psychology, National Taiwan University



Goal-directed selection of visual items relies upon our ability to identify stimulus properties that are most relevant to the task in hand, often whilst simultaneously ignoring irrelevant distractions. The mechanisms by which we search for targets during perception and we recognize the identity of targets in working memory are extensively studied in the fields of psychology and cognitive neuroscience. One important influence on these mechanisms is the perceptual characteristics of the stimuli. In this talk, I will present two ongoing projects in my lab on this topic. In the first project, we investigate how neural activity is modulated as we search for targets, using electroencephalography (EEG), and in particular whether this is sensitive to targets and non-targets (T-N) similarity. In the second project, we investigate how neural activity is modulated by the stimulus inversion as we recognize target identity, using magnetoencephalography (MEG) and functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). Specifically, we test the pattern similarity in neural representations for the inversion effect between face and Chinese character recognition. In sum, our results provide novel evidence for the influences of stimulus properties on neural representations in perception and working memory.