【2023年6月23日(金) 14:00~17:00】
第62回 京都国際心理学セミナー


来る6月23日、ウィスコンシン大学グリーンベイ校心理学部のSawa Senzaki准教授と Jason Cowell准教授に講演していただく機会を得ることができました。










日時: 2023年 6月23日(金)14:00~17:00
場所: 京都大学 吉田キャンパス(本部)文学部校舎 地下1階 大会議室(アクセス


講演者:Dr. Sawa Senzaki (Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay)

演題:Culture and cognitive development: The role of narrative practices

要旨:Cultural psychological studies have demonstrated substantial diversity in cognitive processes in adults. These differences are assumed to be originated from neural adaptation to systematic learning of cultural beliefs and practices. However, studies directly examining this assumption of the origin of cultural differences are limited. In this talk, I will discuss cross-cultural studies that focused on the role of caregiver-child interaction on the development of cognition in preschool and school-age children. I will also discuss new investigations which analyze psychophysiological coregulation during parent-child interaction.


講演者:Dr. Jason Cowell (Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay)

演題:Cross-cultural notions of fairness: A developmental neuroscience approach

要旨:Crucial for developing concepts of complex social interaction is our judgment and understanding of what is fair and just. The maturation of these social judgements occurs across early and middle childhood and is known to be influenced by culture and parenting, but also by orthogonal developments like social referencing, self-control, and number concept. In this talk, our recent investigations of cross-national differences in children’s developing notions of prosociality, fairness, and inequality will be discussed. These findings, from several cross-cultural and neural developmental studies, provide initial clarity to the role of both intrinsic (e.g., neural development, general social cognitive development), and extrinsic (e.g., context, socialization, and culture) factors in influencing our judgments of other’s distributive justice, as well as our own developing moral actions.