Lubna Ahmed博士 講演会


日時:2016年8月5日(金) 16:30~
場所:京都大学人間・環境学研究科棟 233
“Focusing on attention: The effects of cognitive load, individual differences and culture on visual attention”
Dr Lubna Ahmed (St Mary’s University Twickenham, London)

It is well established that we are not able to and don’t pay attention equally to everything around us. Rather we decide on relevant information to attend to and try to filter out the rest. My research aims to understand how this selective attention process operates and to investigate internal and external circumstances that affect our ability to do so. In this talk I will briefly summarise my research on how external cognitive load and emersion in a particular culture (East Vs West), affects our visual attention. My most recent work explores the implications of such factors on socially relevant information processing, such as facial expression and body language, which will also be discussed.